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About Us

About Us

Here at BBBYO, we are making products that aim to keep plastic and textile waste out of our oceans. Whether it be upcycling existing materials or using safer alternatives, our aim is to keep useable materials above ground and use what is available to us now, so we don't continue throwing unnecessary waste at Mother Nature.

Plastic is a highly valuable and useful resource just like wood, water or metals. But the planet cannot sustain making more and more of it. The toxins involved with its processing and its slow biodegradation are finding its way into our waterways.

The BBBYO head office is located in South Golden Beach Australia, and we have been involved with Coast Conservation for more than 15 years. 

Our ambition and hope with these initiatives is to encourage thoughtful buying, and for our customers to make a contribution to ridding the ocean of excessive plastic pollution.

We are selling ocean-inspired eco products online to offer our products to a worldwide audience, and to spread the message about ocean conservation.

The biggest contribution we can all make to coast conservation, is through  increased education and awareness. The more we know about the supply chain and life-cycle of products, the more eco-conscious we can be, with our choices.

Passing the word on, is also just as important.

Our bottles are branded with the simple message to “ Save our Oceans”, and our Coastcards offer additional specific advice about things you can do to protect our coastlines and waterways.

Rather than through bottles being washed up on the shore, we can all make a difference through using a “Message in a Bottle”.

Everytime you use this bottle, you are keeping one more bottle out of landfill, and out of our oceans.

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